Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

For people with lots of different debts, an individual voluntary arrangement may be the perfect solution to give you more affordable monthly payments.

Clearing Debts

Clearing Debts

For people with a lot of separate debts they can consolidate them into one manageable monthly payment.

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Our team can help you find an Individual Voluntary Arrangement as a way to help manage your existing debts. This is commonly known as a IVA and many money advice services offer this so that people can pay back what they owe at a more affordable rate with less stress.


For more information and advice on setting up a IVA for yourself, please complete our contact form so we can provide you with all the details you need.

What is an IVA?

An IVA is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement where you consolidate all of your debts into one manageable monthly payment. This stops letters and harassment from lenders in chasing the money that is owed. An agreement is set where you pay the one monthly payment and within 5 years you are completely debt free. Any outstanding monies owed after the 5 year payment is written off and this can be up to 75% of existing debts completely written off from your credit file.


The IVA agreements sit on your credit file for six years and failure to comply with payments on an arrangement can lead to bankruptcy so you really need to make sure the monthly payments made are affordable. If you require any advice or further details on this set up then complete the application form and we can gladly assist you to hopefully get yourself completely debt free. 

Clearing Debts with an IVA

An assortment of factors may lead to consumers being in personal debts and requiring this arrangement. Credit cards can be a widespread option for individuals today to buy items on. Buying from catalogues such as Next in addition to other high street companies is quite common when purchasing goods. Numerous people might additionally obtain a loan to pay for the expense of expensive things that they can’t afford to pay for. Finance may also be an option when purchasing a vehicle, so you're able to pay the fees during a longer period of time. Many more people are not clearing debts with an IVA in order to get their finances in a more stable position.

It's often stressful being met with big monthly payments which you can't afford. It may be difficult to know where you should go when you are working to manage your money problems. Our experts can take a look at your situation and deliver the most effective solution to alleviate your money difficulties, and this may include and IVA plan.

Solving Your Debt Problems

You may find yourself falling under emotional stress if you are in need of money. Complications with debts will often bring on despression symptoms and lead to more difficulties. For individuals who are finding it difficult to maintain monthly payments, help is offered by using expert methods. Click here if you feel you need more advice through counselling. Make sure to get help today and prevent your financial worries from becoming more serious. Issues with debts and paying back monies create poor credit . You shouldn't use money that you simply don’t have and can’t manage to pay off. Legal action may very well be used if you aren’t managing the repayments. A bad credit score can affect you being approved for home loans in the future. 

IVA Help Specialists

There are a number of corporations who deliver bad information to people who happen to be in financial trouble. You can expect to be charged for the help of debt management experts. These kinds of costs will then equate to more debts, making the payments take more time. Determined by your own circumstances, we will be able to offer help to relieve your debts. Our own professionals are able to give you unbiased advice so please make sure to contact us now.

The problems created by these websites are being reviewed by the Financial Conduct Authority. They are reviewing debt relief businesses that don’t supply the advice that is genuinely required by many people. A person with a large amount of debt ought to be supported by a professional service. The FCA additionally wants economical companies to help consumers with paying back debts they have accrued. If you want to check out step change then visit this which talks you through stepchange debt options.

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When trying to assess the ideal strategy to become debt-free you have to ask a handful of questions. How much money do you have to repay overall? Exactly what is the amount of lenders that you're dealing with? Exactly what can you afford to pay out every month in installments? There are some more details required however filling in the contact form today will talk through this with you. Why should you work together with our team to deal with your financial troubles?

We listen to your individual troubles with personal debt and customise the strategies for your needs. The Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a common strategy for dealing with debt problems, and is usually very effective. If some of your companies have sold your balance illegally to some other corporations, these can be wiped off to reduce your debt. We can help to lower repayments and give the chance to get out of debt within just five years. We can talk with the lenders about freezing your interest rates. Our business can manage debt collection agencies and reduce the level of hassle you receive.


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